Olivia Decaris Is a French Designer and Illustrator.

Graduated from Design Products at the Royal College of Art in 2009, Olivia has spent the last three years working between London and Paris. Over this time she has run workshops throughout Europe, developed production technique projects, while also negotiating her first projects going into production. In recent years, Decaris has completed a number of products through a ‘body-mind’ perspective:  improving psychological comfort of the user by working on the well-being of the body. Movement and physicality in her projects come from her interest for animation films and cartoons, within the objects and characters are full of life.
Olivia Decaris’s work is often communicated through her own illustrations.

© Tom Mannion

In 2010, she has created studio DUHO with Hina Thibaud. They are now working together on Design projects and on the curation of exhibitions.